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Kitchen Carts – A Moveable Feast

Kitchen Carts - A Moveable Feast

Kitchen Carts – A Moveable Feast

Kitchen carts can provide needed work and storage space in those situations where alternatives like kitchen islands won’t work, or can make cooking and entertaining just plain easier.

A kitchen cart is mobile yet can provide a temporary workspace, serving area, or storage and presentation surface.

Style and design of carts today lend themselves to the more active lifestyles and widely-varied design of multi-use and open-space areas that fit those lifestyles.

Wherever The Party Has Landed

Carts allow you to move your ‘kitchen’, so to speak. Fitted with wheels, the cart can move as guests move to another room.

They can be used outside on the deck or patio, in an RV or on a boat.

But most people use them to fit the occasion, you might say, while at home.

Carts, like kitchen islands, are found in myriad styles and designs that match, contrast, or complement your existing decor.

Kitchen Carts - A Moveable Feast

Kitchen Carts – A Moveable Feast

Common materials are :-

  • woods like beech, cherry, and oak for the legs and cabinetry,
  • and hardrock maple for butcher block cutting surfaces;
  • metals like stainless steel or copper;
  • and natural stones like granite and marble, often used as a top surface.

Many carts provide extra storage shelves as well as work surfaces and some include electric cooking surfaces and fold-out or extended breakfast bars.

Those who cannot afford to completely renew their cramped or inefficient kitchens can update them using a cart to get additional storage.

Also to create a more easily used workspace within the ‘triangle’ of the sink, stove, and refrigerator.

Only occasionally used appliances can be in storage on the cart to be brought out for preparation of that special recipe.

Whether used as a temporary sideboard for entertaining in the dining room, a work and storage surface in the kitchen, a bar wherever the party has landed, or on the deck after the game, a cart moves with you to make your lifestyle easier and more efficient.


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