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How To Select The Right Kitchen Cabinet

How To Select The Right Kitchen CabinetHow To Select The Right Kitchen Cabinet

How To Select The Right Kitchen Cabinet

Alright, the time has come for you to select new kitchen cabinet. Before you go ahead, this page will give you some guidelines to make the right choice.
Before you can start designing your cabinets you need to consider the space available in your kitchen. A lot will depend on your kitchen layout.

Is it a one-walled kitchen? If not, how much space is available between the walls (This will determine the depth of the cabinets).

Take a look at the classic layout options.

  • 1-walled kitchen
  • L-shaped Kitchen
  • U-shaped Kitchen
  • Corridor Kitchen
  • Kitchen Island
How To Select The Right Kitchen Cabinet

How To Select The Right Kitchen Cabinet

Once you’ve done that, apply he classic rule of placing kitchen cabinets. The rule is to place the kitchen cabinets as follows:

Refrigerator, work space, oven, work space, kitchen sink with dishwasher.

Keep a work space of at least 18”- 24” besides the refrigerator. This will come in handy to place groceries while stocking your refrigerator.

Another benefit is that the heat from the oven is kept away from the refrigerator because of the work space, yet it is close enough for ready access.

Before you start planning for the cabinets these are some points to consider:

1) Kitchen cabinet material- what do you want your kitchen cabinet to be made of. Here are some options available in the market.

2)Is it going to be a framed kitchen cabinet or paneled? Paneled cabinets appear modern while framed cabinets with mortise & tenon doors give it a traditional look.

3) What counter top materials are you going to use. If you make a wrong choice here it’ll be difficult to replace. Some options to consider are: Kitchen Counter Top
4) What hinges, knobs & drawer slides are you going to use? These kitchen hard wares should be most durable.
Look for high quality fittings for your kitchen cabinets.

5) Faucets & sinks that you select should go with the overall design, look & feel of the cabinets.

If you consider these points you won’t go wrong in selecting the right kitchen cabinet.

If new kitchen cabinets are not what you’re looking for right now or you want less expensive options read the pages that follow.


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